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Powder Post Beetle Extermination in Crystal Lake, IL

Has your Crystal Lake, IL home or business been invaded by powderpost beetles? Powderpost beetles generally attack dry hardwoods, which can be found in different places throughout your property. It is not unusual for an infestation to generate several hundred of these unwanted pests during a short period of time.

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Powderpost beetles can cause a wide range of destruction, so if you have reason to believe that your property is in danger, don't wait to call for help. Left to fester, powderpost beetles can quickly eat their way through wooden beams, compromising your property's structural integrity. For effective powderpost beetle extermination services, turn to the team at ARMNS Pest Management. We have the tools, skills, and experience to rid you of your pest problem and help preserve your home or business.

It's time to fight back against powderpost beetles. For more information about our extermination services or to schedule an estimate, call us today.


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